The Sustained Dialogue Institute brings skills and tools to the workplace.

Internal organization, team success, and creativity are all enhanced when every employee can bring their authentic self to work. SDI works with a variety of non-profit and business communities to increase communication through dialogue. Dialogue, the process of listening deeply enough to be changed by what one learns, develops a culture that reflects the values of inclusion and open communication so that every team member can contribute and perform at their maximum capacity. Sustained Dialogue Institute tailors workshops to fit your organization or company’s needs, goals, and performance towards the mission.



  • Enables employees to bring their whole selves to the workplace
  • Contributes to employee engagement and retention
  • Provides professional development that makes employees more effective with their colleagues and clients
  • Improves communication within your team
  • Catalyzes trust and effective communication across lines of difference
  • Builds the capacity and skills of your employees

Sustained Dialogue was used in a corporate setting to address employee engagement, where after 10 weeks of dialogue in one firm, the number of employees who felt they could bring their whole selves to work doubled from 40% to 80%.


The Brookings Institute
New Sector Alliance
Atlas Corps
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If you are interested in bringing SD to your workplace please fill out the form below. If you do not see a specific training that suits your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We tailor our trainings to suit the needs of our clients.

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1. Communication Skills for Inclusive Leaders

Learn how to create safe learning environments, tips and tricks for effective facilitation, and best practices for debriefing difficult conversations.

2. The Concept of Relationship

Analyze complex relationships, better understand sources of conflict, and practice catalyzing action by transforming relationships.

3. Leading Across Generations

Explore the values behind different generational behaviors, dispel myths regarding generational differences, and consider how to creating more inclusive, engaged working environments.

4. Understanding and Managing Conflict

When is it appropriate to avoid conflict and when is it not? What are approaches to identify and handle conflict effectively? In this interactive session, we will explore responses to these questions.

5. Exploring Dimensions of Social Identity

Identify how different aspects of who we are affect our effectiveness in the workplace, build comfort talking about social identities, and examine how systems of privilege impact our colleagues and clients.

6. Intercultural Competence

Learn about the facts, attitudes, and skills needed to recognize and respond to cultural differences to more effectively communicate with others.

Hold Dialogues after a Sustained Dialogue Moderator Training

Get trained to hold Sustained Dialogue programs in your workplace.

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