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Reach out to our team by using the “Get started” button below to schedule a call and to receive details about our offerings or free resources. 

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Transform Your Campus with Sustained Dialogue

Since 1999, the Sustained Dialogue Campus Network’s (SDCN) leaders have built more cohesive, engaged, and diverse campus communities. Shift campus culture with help from the best partners in the country, with 20+ years of experience working on more than 100 diverse campuses. Read below to see multiple ways to partner:

Hold a Workshop

Deep Membership Engagement

Establishing a Partnership

Interested in learning how to apply the Sustained Dialogue® process to address conflicts or improve campus culture? Reach out to our team by using the “Contact us to get started” button below to schedule a call and to receive our current pricing and offerings.

Options include long-term partnerships with campuses, workshops for specific groups on your campus, and our open enrollment virtual skill series.

Who do we work with? We work with campus administrators, staff, and students seeking to launch programs that build capacity locally. We also work with faculty members building this model into innovative course designs.

After receiving this year’s up-to-date offerings and pricing, schedule a (free) virtual info session with us to seek others’ buy-in on your campus and discuss you and your colleagues’ interests, questions, and goals.

Dialogue Initiatives on Campuses Worldwide


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