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Create a Culture of Dialogue with Sustained Dialogue®

Sustained Dialogue is a unique initiative that brings together students (and sometimes faculty and staff) who wouldn’t usually cross paths to talk about issues they might shy away from. It provides the necessary conditions for open discussions. The recurring nature of these dialogues ensures they are truly ‘sustained,’ fostering a deeper understanding over time.

The Sustained Dialogue Campus Network is the campus-focused branch of our work, where we train thousands of students, faculty, and staff each year to create dialogue-to-action initiatives.

Not based on a campus? This campus network works with 1) nonprofits that serve students, and 2) high schools.

Next Steps

We provide the tools that turn your vision into reality, offering bespoke solutions to enhance your campus culture. With our array of resources, including tailored workshops, an expansive virtual skill series, and sustainable partnerships, you can effectively address conflicts and build a thriving community with specific pathways related to:

  • skills, concepts, and tools for improving relations across background and difference
  • listening and question asking skills for a lifetime
  • inclusive leadership, facilitation, and gathering skills
  • tools for leading circle processes/ learning how to apply peace processes
  • conflict management skills
  • tools for intercultural respect and immersion
  • inclusive teaching and pedagogical approaches
  • social and emotional learning and practice
  • civic participation skills
  • community organizing skills
  • tools for creating equitable environments 
  • tools for informed social change
Learn more about how campuses customize Sustained Dialogue campus initiatives hereAlready in a tough campus moment? Here’s a packet to help approach conflict and facilitation using some SD tools and thinking.

1) Learn more about Sustained Dialogue® (SD) by reaching out to info[at]

2) Have an initial conversation to review or create your own offerings (for students, faculty, staff, and senior leaders). As a nonprofit institute, we listen to your needs, provide free tools and assistance whenever possible, and share pricing and offerings.

3) Build a team of key stakeholders and schedule a Virtual Information Session with SD program guides to engage their key questions, find supporters, and build buy-in. 

4) Formalize your goals, evaluation plan, and schedule your engagements!

Dialogue Initiatives on Campuses Worldwide


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