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Sustained Dialogue Campus Network

We work with over 40 campuses around the world to equip the next generation of leaders with the skills to build inclusive communities.


We began as an international conflict resolution approach and our efforts in that capacity have never wavered. We continue to conduct the Dartmouth conference, the longest running dialogue between US and Russia…. as well as work in several other countries around the world.


We provide trainings and ongoing technical support to all types of workplace environments so that staff feel more comfortable and engaged and can resolve conflicts among themselves effectively.


We work in communities across the United States and Latin America to enhance opportunities for citizens to have an effective voice. Citizens learn tools to engage across lines of difference and build stronger, more collaborative communities.



Healing a Divided Nation: Transforming Spaces Through Sustained Dialogue

by Maureen Flint

Flint (2019) Healing a Divided Nation In the wake of the U.S. 2016 election, national media has highlighted the divided nature of our country. Considering this division, dialogue is often pushed as the tool for reconciliation, healing, and bridge building. This paper takes up this call through considering the spatial practices of the Sustained Dialogue Campus Network. This turn to space makes possible a consideration of division beyond geography that takes seriously how local and global spaces are produced and […]


Changing the Conversation: Emerging Better Dialogue Practices Seen Through Four Lenses

by Mark J. Farr

SDI’s president, Rev. Mark Farr, has contributed a chapter to Peace Building Through Dialogue: Education, Human Transformation, and Conflict Resolution (edited by Peter N. Stearns), a collection of essays about the many dimensions of dialogue. His contribution draws from his rich journey through life as a psychotherapist in private practice, a Christian priest, leading an organization devoted to political reconciliation on Capitol Hill, and working at Sustained Dialogue primarily on matters of international diplomacy to compare and contrast the unique […]

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