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What is Sustained Dialogue?

Sustained Dialogue is an intentional, patented, and replicable peace process used to improve challenging relationships and come to action in intergroup conflicts.

The Sustained Dialogue Institute helps people to transform conflictual relationships and design change processes around the world. We define dialogue as “listening deeply enough to be changed by what you learn.”

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Our Work

SDI works to improve community capacity to engage differences as strengths while helping people move from dialogue to action.

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Hold a Training

SDI provides workshops and educational trainings tailored to your institution’s needs. Hold training in your workplace, community organization, nonprofit, college, or university.

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Establish a Program

We work in a sustained way with a variety of institutions, civic organizations, and workplaces to provide ongoing technical support toward the most inclusive, creative community possible.

Our Impact

SDI works to improve community capacity to engage differences as strengths while helping people move from dialogue to action.











LaForce Baker, Denison SD Alum

I believe that implementation of SD enabled members of my campus to come together as a close-knit family, instead of strangers. I’m proud to be a part of an organization that embodies such diversity, acceptance, and honesty. This is how to make large-scale societal change in the ways we interact.

Ellie Canter

Ellie Canter, Nonprofit Director

Turning the Page worked with SDI on “Building Authentic Relationships Across Difference” to equip us with skills and language to engage effectively with our partner schools and communities. We have used the practices in our community workshops and leadership activities to maintain that space between parents and teachers and school leaders. We enjoyed the training so much for our new AmeriCorps members.


Billy Choo, Northwestern SD Alum

I was trained for Sustained Dialogue at NU in 2013. I recently used the SD model to lead a workshop where the group challenged social norms of masculinity with an audience of majority men. One participant at the end of the workshop asked how I came up with my questions and, honestly, all I could say was SD and everything it taught me. Thank you for the amazing training 2 years ago that I still use.


Sian Miranda Singh OFaolain, Princeton SD Alum

My involvement leading SD was inspiring. I learned the importance of individuals’ experience in shaping their worldview, the value of listening, the necessity of being open to personal change, and the need to respect the complex intersections of people’s identities. SD has been instrumental in shaping my commitment to issues of social equality.

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