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Online Resources for Campuses

Our Dialogue Guides, developed for our partner campuses, were a preparatory tool for those leading dialogue on commonly discussed topics.

We no longer are using these guides, so as not to draw attention away from the harder work of applying the full process of Sustained Dialogue to key issues.

For those seeking to learn when to dialogue, we recommend this resource:

When to use Sustained Dialogue.pdf (link)

Our Dialogue Guides Include:

Midterm Election Dialogue Guide
Affirmative Action
Anti-Asian Hate
Charlottesville: August 12, 2017
Culture of Sexual Assault
Educational Elitism
Environmental Justice
Free Speech, Hate Speech
From Political Correctness to Safe Spaces
Gender 101: Masculinity
Gender 201: Sexism
Gender 301: Anti-Transgender Prejudice
Greek Life
Hate Crimes
Homophobia and Heterosexism
Identity Based Humor
Immigration and American Identity
Intercultural Competency
Intercultural Romantic Relationships
Interfaith Understanding
InterVarsity, Faith, and LGBTQI Affirming Christians
Israel and Palestine
Political Polarization
Post-Election Dialogue Guide
Race 101: What is it?
Race 201: Interpersonal Racism and Racial Bias
Race 301: Institutional Racism
Race 401: Racial Profiling AND Race 501: Trayvon Martin AND Race 501: Michael Brown or Race 501: Trayvon Martin
Segregated Social Spaces
Social Class (SES) and the Campus
Whiteness and White Privilege
Campus Forum Guide: Race, Campus Life, and the American Dream
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