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The Sustained Dialogue Campus Network Welcomes Six New Campus Partners!

The Sustained Dialogue Campus Network Welcomes Six New Campus Partners: Elon University, Hollins University, Lawrence University, Cornell College, University of Notre Dame, and UNC Charlotte!

Elon University



Location: Elon, North Carolina
Size: More than 6,000 students

Motto: “Numen Lumen,” or “Intellectual and Spiritual Light.”

Mascot: Pheonix

Fun fact: Elon’s campus is designated as a botanical garden and includes the 56-acre Elon University Forest, a land preserve and natural area for scientific research; and Loy Farm, a center for environmental research and sustainability that includes a solar farm.

Type of engagement with SDI: Deep member



Hollins University



Location: Roanoke, Virginia

Size: Less than 800 students

Motto: “Levavi Oculos,” or “Lift Thine Eyes.”

Fun fact: At Hollins, classes are canceled on a random fall day so students and faculty can hike up Tinker Mountain. Wearing zany costumes, they sing and share in a traditional picnic of fried chicken and Tinker cake.

Type of engagement with SDI: Deep member




Lawrence University



Location: Appleton, Wisconsin

Size: More than 1,500 students

Motto: “Veritas Est Lux,” or “Truth Is Light.”


Fun fact: Each year, more than a thousand Lawrence students flock to Björklunden, a 425-acre estate on the shore of Lake Michigan that serves as Lawrence’s “northern campus,” where students are encouraged to leave old assumptions behind and barriers are removed in order for students and faculty to learn from each other.

Type of engagement with SDI: Deep member



Cornell College



Location: Mount Vernon, Iowa

Size:More than 1,000 students

Motto: “Deus Et Humanitas,” or “God and Humanity”.

Mascot: Ram

Fun fact: At Cornell, students study just one course per three-and-a-half-week block, and in 1858 it became the first college west of the Mississippi to award a degree to a woman.

Type of engagement with SDI: Training and Events



University of Notre Dame



Location: Notre Dame, Indiana

Size:More than 11,000 students

Motto: “Vita Dulcedo Spes,” or “Life, Sweetness, Hope.”

Mascot: Leprechaun

Fun fact: The architecture of the South Dining Hall reminds many people of Harry Potter, which prompted food services to host a now-annual Harry Potter-themed dinner.

Type of engagement with SDI: SD as a Course



UNC Charlotte



Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

Size:More than 50,000 students

Mascot: Norm the Niner

Fun fact: UNC Charlotte is one of a generation of universities founded in metropolitan areas of the United States immediately after World War II in response to rising education demands generated by the war and its technology.

Type of engagement with SDI: Residential Life Training


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