Integrating Sustained Dialogue into campus culture

UNIVERSITY OF TAMPA, Tampa, FL How is one of SDCN’s newest campuses working to integrate Sustained Dialogue into their campus culture? The University of Tampa is using retreats, academic credit for yearlong SD participation, and integrating SD into courses in various departments to help create impact for students across campus. Each January, a group of […]


Constructive relationships are the keys to peaceful democratic, social, economic, and political development. Some things only governments can do – provide security, make and enforce law, and fund major programs. But only citizens can transform conflictual human relationships, modify human behavior and change political culture. Columbus, Indiana: The Columbus Indiana Community Area Sustained Dialogue, of […]


SD was used in a corporate setting to address employee engagement. After 10 weeks of dialogue, the number of employees who felt they could bring their full selves to the workplace doubled from 40% to 80%.


The Tajikistan Peace-Building Initiative The Inter-Tajik Dialogue (ITD) was initiated in March 1993 as an unofficial dialogue intervention to deal with the ongoing Tajik civil war. ITD involved a core of ten to fourteen influential citizens of Tajikistan divided among the different political factions. A third-party team of 3 Americans and 3 Russians moderated the discussions. […]

Research on SD’s Impact on Students

What impact should campuses using SD expect? Through Sustained Dialogue high impact experiences, participants develop a diverse set of leadership skills, including strong personal identity awareness, knowledge of social justice, empathy, facilitation and conflict resolution skills, and more. Sustained Dialogue’s Impact After Graduation This study, conducted in 2008, interviewed college graduates who had participated in […]

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