Dialogue: listening deeply enough to be changed by what you learn.

Sustained Dialogue groups: small groups of 18 or fewer people who decide to build relationships across difference and take action on a topic that they care about.

Interested in challenging yourself to listen deeply and, ultimately, see what you and a small group of motivated folks can do together? SD engages students, faculty, and staff in small group conversations about topics people don’t otherwise talk about. Outcomes include new relationships, and actions that come from each dialogue circle.

Group 1: Creating Community at Pomona College – Tuesdays, 2:00p – 3:30p (in-person)

  • Co-moderators: Josh Eisenberg, Dean of Campus Life, and Alexis Reyes, Director of Sustainability and Energy Management
  • Sign up if: You are interested! All Pomona affiliated people are welcome (staff, faculty, students)! The group is capped at 18 participants.
  • Start and end dates: Tuesday, Sept. 5th – Nov. 14th.
  • Special notes: this group will not meet over Fall break on Tuesday, Oct. 17th


Group 2: Mind, Body, Spirit Wellness – Wednesdays, 9am to 10:30am (location TBD -vote below)

  • Co-moderators: Jill Grigsby, Faculty Emerita, and Matt Wilson, Athletic trainer for Pomona-Pitzer Athletics
  • Sign up if: Any PC student/Staff/Faculty interested in the following: Our overall wellness comes not only from our physical health, but also from our mental health and spiritual health.  How do you define overall wellness?  What barriers prevent you from beginning, maintaining, or improving upon your overall wellness?  How can our campus resources help you begin, maintain, or improve your overall Mind, Body, Spirit Wellness?
  • Start and end dates: Wednesday, Sept. 6th – Nov. 15th.
  • Special notes: This group will not meet the day before Thanksgiving


Option 3: National moderator training opportunity (not an SD group, training to offer future groups)

Register at this link: Register here for free!

  • Tuesdays, 4pm-5:30pm (on Zoom) and led by the Sustained Dialogue Institute
  • Sign up if: You and a co-mod want to offer a dialogue group to the PC community in spring 2024
  • Start and end dates: Tuesday, Sept. 5th – Nov. 21st.
  • Special notes: Please only sign up if you can attend all session dates. All students, staff, and faculty who want to lead a group are welcome, and should consider signing up alongside a co-moderator interested in leading a topic together. More details and registration are found here:  More information about this offering

These dialogues are an intercultural, confidential place to speak freely and openly for those who want to be in a respectful conversation across backgrounds. To learn more about the SD 5-stage process, please visit www.sustaineddialogue.org or contact Christina Ciambriello <[email protected]>.

Any logistical questions or concerns about dialogue groups should be sent to moderators.
Questions about Group 1: Josh Eisenberg <[email protected]>,
Alexis Reyes <[email protected]>.

Questions about Group 2:
Jill Grigsby <[email protected]>
Matt Wilson <[email protected]>

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