Politics Is About Relationship

by Harold H. Saunders

An exploration and assessment of recurring troubles facing humanity. Hope is combined with realism based on confidence in the energies and capacities of individuals as civic agents outside government to meet the pressing challenges we face today.


Sustained Dialogue in Conflicts: Transformation and Change

by Harold H. Saunders

People in our deeply, angrily divided world desperately need peaceful and productive ways of relating to each other. Rooted in four decades of intense experience in deep-seated human conflicts, Saunders presents a peaceful way of transforming destructive relationships and designing change.

Public Peace Process

A Public Peace Process

by Harold H. Saunders

Harold Saunders, Former Assistant Secretary of State in the Carter Administration, with extensive experience in the US government, particularly on the Arab-Israeli conflict and later as Director for International Affairs at the Kettering Foundation, presents a step-by-step approach to organizing sustained dialogue in conflict situations.


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