SDCN Program Director

Seeking Program Director for The Sustained Dialogue Campus Network


Job title: Program Director, Sustained Dialogue Campus Network

Job type: Full Time

Reports to: Managing Director, Sustained Dialogue Campus Network

Location: Washington, DC

Salary Range: Commensurate with experience


The Organization:
The mission of the Sustained Dialogue Campus Network is to develop everyday leaders who engage differences as strengths to improve campuses, workplaces, and communities. SDCN, a program of the Sustained Dialogue Institute, supports a network of campuses and a growing number of workplaces using Sustained Dialogue as a tool for creating dialogue spaces to address divisive issues. The goal is to transform relationships to design change on campus, and to equip the next generation of students, faculty, and staff with tools to apply in their workplaces and communities. Rooted in the powerful five-stage process developed by former Assistant Secretary of State Hal Saunders, students at Princeton adapted SD for college campuses in 1999, and the process has only grown since. This position is ideal for anyone interested in leadership development, diversity and inclusion, conflict transformation, and building movements for social change in higher education.

The Opportunity:
SDCN is now accepting applications for the role of a full-time SDCN Program Director. As a PD, you will enjoy responsibility, travel, career networking, and skill-building. You will also benefit from the exciting environment of a unique non-profit. This is a great opportunity for someone looking to have a real hand in shaping the future of a dynamic and passionate team. This position reports to the Managing Director of the Sustained Dialogue Campus Network.

The Ideal Candidate:
The ideal candidate must have experience leading Sustained Dialogue or similar dialogues across difference on a college campus, and experience facilitating trainings and workshops in higher education settings is also a must. Position is ideal for individuals with topical interests in leadership, conflict transformation, international relations, civil society, non-profit development and management, and higher education. The position also includes contact and interaction with leaders in academia, non-profits, private foundations, and international development.

We are looking for a Program Director who can execute a variety of projects and who is committed to a high standard of excellence in serving campuses as a resource. This person must also be able to thrive in a small organization with an ambitious agenda and a vigorous travel schedule. The ideal candidate will have and further develop these key assets and attributes:

  • High level of competence and confidence in facilitation and public speaking;
  • Solid knowledge of social justice theory and practice, as well as conflict resolution skills for identity-related conflicts;
  • 3+ experience facilitating trainings on dialogue and/or conflict resolution is mandatory (please do not apply if you do not have this experience);
  • Experience moderating, facilitating, or leading formal dialogues is mandatory (please do not apply if you do not have this experience);
  • Excellent interpersonal skills—ability to work successfully with individuals of all backgrounds;
  • Self-starter with ability to conceive, develop, and complete tasks with minimal supervision;
  • Strong entrepreneurial drive: Takes initiative, operate both self-sufficiently and collaboratively;
  • Must be well-organized, detail-oriented, web savvy;
  • Superb written and oral communication skills;
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office; knowledge of Salesforce and basic financial reporting preferred;
  • Basic knowledge of data analysis through Microsoft Excel preferred;
  • Knowledge of higher education diversity and inclusion landscape.



The PD will work closely as part of the SDCN team in developing Sustained Dialogue initiatives on new campuses, maintaining and strengthening current programs, and further developing SDCN infrastructure. The position will report to the Managing Director toward:


  1. Progressing current work by directly supporting a portfolio of campuses:
    • Including fielding troubleshooting phone calls; creation of personalized dialogue guides; mentorship; individual programmatic recommendations; and advising each unique SD program’s content, curriculum, and structure.
  2. Coordinating in-person conferences, summits, and other events:
    • Content; logistics; outreach; content facilitation of one 4-day event in July, two half-day events per year, and other large events as needed.
  3. Developing new programs through outreach to new campuses:
    • Fielding interest from campuses; marketing SD to likely new partners; personalizing program recommendations; completing sales and onboarding processes with interested schools.
  4. Designing and conducting training workshops at colleges and universities and in other settings (requires travel):
    • Facilitating varied in-person trainings for students, faculty, hourly staff, salaried staff, and administrators on campuses around the U.S. Trainings range from 2-16 contact hours over a period of 1-4 days. Trainings are located all across the U.S. and require frequent travel, both weekend and work-week.
    • Designing new curriculum pieces for trainings and updating existing pieces to adapt to new challenges.
  5. Presenting at national conferences or other key gatherings.
    • Presenting the work of SDCN as in conference presentations and/or keynotes to large audiences.
  6. Providing trainings, consultation, and mentorship to non-profit organizations, corporations, and other workplaces as needed.
  7. Developing new offerings and materials for relevance and impact for varied campus audiences.
  8. Overseeing the creation and implementation of Sustained Dialogue Retreats on new and existing campuses.
    • Continuous updates and adaptations to existing curriculum; individualized retreat agendas for each member campus; adaptation of retreat for each campus; creating, distributing, and conducting evaluations of retreat programs; traveling to co-direct retreats on new campuses as needed (requires weekend and work-week travel).
    • Training retreat moderators, including designing retreat training, customizing retreat training for each campus, delivering 16-hour in-person training to each campus running retreats.
  9. Overseeing, creating, and executing research contracts with the Kettering Foundation as needed.
  10. Managing opportunities for monthly virtual engagement for advisors, students, and faculty.
  11. Strengthening evaluation processes, and compiling and reporting on strengths and challenges of programs to inform activity:
    • Overseeing campus participation in Surveymonkey evaluation process each semester; compiling Network-Wide qualitative and quantitative evaluation results; running statistical analysis; creating customized reports for each member campus as compared to the Network; creating customized reports for all retreat programs; helping each campus understand how to use and implement the data findings for program impact.
  12. Maintaining strong relationships with network alumni and coordinating opportunities for program engagement.
  13. While in office, supervising interns and Program Assistants.
  14. Budgeting and invoice tracking:
    • Creating budgets for all events and annual programs; tracking all spending; reporting on budget progress to staff.
    • Tracking all incoming and outgoing invoices; manage Program Assistant in creation of invoices; follow up with all late payments; communicate with on-campus purchasing offices as needed.

SDCN provides equal opportunity and fair and equitable treatment in employment to all people without regard to race, religion, sex, gender identity or gender expression, national origin, age, disability, political affiliation, marital status, or sexual orientation.

No calls please.

How to Apply:

Please send your resumé, cover letter (with salary requirements), and a 2-page writing sample to



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