Bid Request for Videographer & Video Production for SDCN Summer Leaders Summit

Project Overview:

The Sustained Dialogue Institute is seeking proposals for videography work focused on sharing the mission and impact of our Sustained Dialogue Campus Network (SDCN). Through videography of our annual Summer Leaders Summit, which brings together students and advisors from campuses across the country, we hope to help tell the story of the Sustained Dialogue model and of SDCN.

Background on SDCN:

The Sustained Dialogue Institute is an international nonprofit focused on helping people to transform conflictual relationships and design change processes around the world. At the heart of our work, is Sustained Dialogue ™, a patented peace process developed by Dr. Harold Saunders, who was a leader in international diplomacy and played a key role in several historic peace negotiations, including the Camp David Accords and the Inter-Tajik dialogues. The Sustained Dialogue Campus Network (SDCN) is an initiative of the Sustained Dialogue Institute and is a network of colleges and universities that use the Sustained Dialogue process to address conflicts and build community capacity for dialogue on their campuses. SDCN is run by staff of the Sustained Dialogue Institute. SDCN staff focus on building campuses’ capacity for dialogue by providing the following resources to campuses: dialogue facilitation training, dialogue manuals and how-to guides, ongoing support around dialogue program development and implementation, and maintenance of ongoing virtual network of institutions running SD programs. The Sustained Dialogue Institute is a 501c3 nonprofit based in Washington, D.C.

Scope of Work/Deliverables:

  • Four promotional videos highlighting various aspects of SDCN’s work to be used for marketing purposes.
    • Video 1: (What is SDCN): Broad intro overview of SDCN to show to everyone at an information session
      • 4-5 minute duration: should include photos of our founder, overview of history of SDCN, current student activities at event, impact interviews with campuses, interviews with SDCN staff.
    • Video 2: (Why we SD): Campus promotional video tool for campuses to use in recruiting people to participate in campus SD initiatives
      • 2-3 minute duration: Should capture students’ passion for SD and the diversity of perspectives of student participants. Will focus on quotes from student interviews and student impact stories with the goal of inspiring other students to get involved.
    • Video 3: (What is SD – the process): helping people understand what is unique about the Sustained Dialogue™ process and why it is effective
      • 3-5 minute minute duration: Should capture the significance and history of the Sustained Dialogue process. Will focus on understanding the SD process and its application in diverse contexts across the world.
    • Video 4: (Why invest in SD): Promo video for funders – why they should invest in SDCN
      • 2-3 minute duration: Should focus on telling the story of SDCN amidst current challenges in a way that’s compelling to potential funders.

Process: We are seeking an editorial partner in telling the stories of SDCN – both stories of the Sustained Dialogue process and of the powerful work happening on college campuses across the country who are using our model. An ability to take initiative in identifying opportunities for good content and storytelling in planning and at the event will be critical. The videographer will also be heavily involved in the editorial process of deciding what cohesive promotional videos will be created from raw footage. Overall, a successful candidate will be comfortable with the following as an outline of the process:

  • Pre-event planning with SDCN staff, including identification of: interviewees, specific shots, and conversations that will create quality content to work from.
  • Capture video according to our editorial plan at the event, and also approach with a critical eye ready to refocus on whatever will create great content.
  • Craft editorial plan and content that features as many students and campus representatives as possible with attention to capturing diverse perspectives on SD and to highlighting a diversity of SD program types.
  • Work collaboratively with SDI staff throughout the editing process on drafts of promotional videos.
  • Complete all technical editing and deliver videos in a shareable format.

Selection Criteria:

Bids will be evaluated on the following selection criteria:

  • Demonstrated experience in creative video development, production, and post-production
  • Understanding of the purpose and scope of this video project
  • Original and creative approach
  • Collaborative work style and comfort with the above described editorial process for production
  • Proposed price
  • Demonstrated experience with event video production

Project Timeline:

  • July 25-28, 2019: videography to be conducted across the four-day conference (exact dates and times to be determined between videographer and SDI)
  • August – November, 2019: video editing – final videos to be completed by November 1, 2019

Bid Submission:

If you are interested in performing videography for this project, please submit a quote and any material that you would like to share that is reflective of your recent projects. Submit your quote and information to Michaela Grenier at by February 1, 2019. Any questions about the project can be directed to Michaela at


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