2017 Campus Network Annual Report Released

The statistically significant results are in!

Over 400 SD participants from 17 different campuses filled out our 2016-2017 Sustained Dialogue program evaluation, and the following findings were statistically significant. After participating in Sustained Dialogue programs on campuses across the United States – ranging from weekly meetings to academic courses to multi-day retreats, respondents:

  • Think about themselves in a new way
    • Respondents were more likely and/or able to: Examine the strengths and weaknesses of their own views; Talk about their experiences and identities with others; Resolve conflicts involving bias, discrimination, and prejudice; Lead a group of people with different backgrounds.
  • Think about other people in a new way:
    • Respondents were more likely and/or able to: Think critically about the experiences of others; Try to better understand someone else’s views; Have conversations across religion and economic background.
  • Think about their world in a new way
    • Respondents were more likely and/or able to: Raise awareness about local issues; Organize others around local, campus, state, national, and global issues; Explain the persisting college climate issues around diversity; Perceive urgency to improve relations around ability/disability, gender, international students, mental health, and race/ethnicity.
    • Respondents were less likely to: Rate their college as welcoming to all students.

Not only that, but:

  • 83% are likely or very likely to recommend participating in Sustained Dialogue.
  • Nearly half of all respondents are considering changing their major or career path because of SD.


Some highlights from respondents include:

  • “I found myself finding common ground with people I’ve always shut out before.”
  • “I learned from people who felt differently from how I did, and rather than dismissing them as uninformed or wrong, I was able to listen deeply to really understand where they were coming from and why they felt the way they did.”
  • “Sustained Dialogue really changed my perspective on life and the world I’m living in.”
  • “Sustained Dialogue has changed my entire life and prompted me to think critically and carefully in my day to day life about my own biases and beliefs. I have been challenged to listen harder when I disagree, not just in dialogue, but everywhere.”


For more in-depth information, download and enjoy the full executive summary of the 2016-2017 Sustained Dialogue evaluation data!


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