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Transform Your Campus with Sustained Dialogue

Shift campus culture with help from the best partners in the country, with 18 years of experience working on more than 60 diverse campuses. There are two ways to partner:

Hold a
Training or Workshop

Deep Membership

Pulse Event
Bitter to Better Event

• Establishing a Partnership •

Step One

Have an initial conversation with an SDI staff member about bringing Sustained Dialogue to campus and review the options detailed in our 2018 SDCN Offerings and Pricing.

Step 2

Discuss initial interest and 2018 Impact and Uses with a founding team of key stakeholders on campus.

Step 3

Bring an SDI staff member to campus to present an Information Session to learn more about options for engagement, secure buy-in from important stakeholders, and assess the needs of your campus.

Step 4

Have a diverse founding team complete our SD Network Application to identify and communicate your specific campus needs. Read the Initiation Guide for best practices for initiating a program. For campuses where this program has been administratively led and/or where students are tired of talk, confirm student interest using a copy of this online petition for grassroots interest.

Step 5

Establish formal relationship with signed Service Agreement specifying goals of core programming and commitments.

Step 6

Schedule appropriate on-campus trainings, programming, support, and/or attendance at network-wide trainings. Start reading and distributing all of the Materials available to you!

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