SD Academy Workshop: Bridging Divides Through SD

Bridging Divides through Sustained Dialogue (Register here)

Learn about how Sustained Dialogue, a proven conflict management strategy, can be used in your workplace and community. Leave with skills to help you address challenges more effectively.

The Sustained Dialogue (SD) Academy, a program of the Sustained Dialogue Institute, is a series for managers, leaders, and staff in any field, especially those responsible for team culture:

  • Corporate
  • Government
  • Non-profit
  • Business & Finance
  • Faith-Based Institutions
  • Unions
  • Medical

At the SD Academy, you’ll:

  • Learn how Sustained Dialogue® can be used in your workplace and community
  • Hone your conflict management skills
  • Become a more effective leader
  • Learn how to resolve conflicts with a diverse group through building and repairing relationships


This event is open to those in any sphere except higher education. Folks involved in higher education (students, graduate students, faculty, and administrators) should get in touch with the Sustained Dialogue Campus Network by visiting to schedule a training or workshop on campus.






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